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As you move along your path, show us what is contained in your sphere.

Name : I am known as Guy, previously Magiger of O.

Age : For those who care about age, I am 21 years old.

Connection : The original followers of O are myself and 42and19 as well as a gathering who has steered away from the path of a Mech Warrior.

Experience : My experience as a pilot is limited to heavy and assault class with most training in a LRM Stalker. I have also been a pilot in times past, many years ago.
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Name: 42and19 (the one and as far as I am aware the only, if you have seen me in other spheres it was probably me.)

Age: old enough

Connection: One of the original founders of O

Experience: Experienced in Brawler, scout and strike mechs.

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Name: EvoGel or CareBare

Age: 26 revolutions

Connection: First initiate within the sphere of the Mechwarrior

Experience: Work with Tagger, scout, and sniper. Previous experience with 'Mechs from many revolutions ago.
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