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As always be respectful. A primary tenant of O is that we are to accept that each of us has a different sphere of reality and to not act out against those who perceive things different from us. conduct yourself in a mature and respectful manner when dealing with Followers and outsiders.

  • Keep swearing to a minimum, we may have followers and visitors that exist in a younger sphere, please respect them.
  • Do not write hateful, spiteful, or otherwise aggressive posts. Things can get heated, if you feel the urge take a few moments away from their spheres and relax.
  • Do not waste our time and space with posts including advertisements or content of highly repetitive nature.
  • Do not post content of "mature" nature. No pornography or the like.
  • If there is a certain mech or weapon that is overpowered because of a bug in the game that has been acknowledged by PGI do not use that mech or bug if at all possible. This is an exploit and will not further your journey upon that ring.

You can find info on the bbcode for this site here.
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