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The teachings of The Circle revolve around three main tenants these tenants are;

Everything you perceive or think is is encompassed by your sphere of existence. Each individuals sphere is different. These differences often lead to arguments and strife because one sphere is unable to perceive the difference in another. It is the first task of an initiate to expand ones sphere in order to better understand others and increase your awareness of your path on the Cosmic Rings.

Cosmic Rings:
In life each person travels a path. In death their path is renewed thus life is but a path upon a ring. Each death is the start of another revolution upon that ring. There are many rings upon which one can travel. Some are paths of violence while others are paths of peace. It is the task of a shepherd to widen their sphere to better perceive their path upon the rings and to traverse from one ring to another.

The Circle:
The Circle is us and we are the Circle. All who accept the truth of the cosmic rings are one. This is the final truth that must be realized to reach enlightenment.
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