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Welcome to the home of The Followers of O
"Circular reasoning is the best way of thinking. You dont have to worry about loose ends. Everything just keeps coming back on itsself,
around and around, infinitly going.

He ate because he was hungry, but he'll become hungry again, and eat again, round and round and round.

Are we really traveling in time or just in a circle? We will never know, round and round. The planet spins and rotates round the sun round and round do we live in a year loop just going round and round in time or is it simply just a day?

Can you not see that man subconsciously realizes this, time it self shows us that what I speak is true it constantly turns back upon its self day turns to night and back to day, round and round Sunday to Saturday and back to Sunday, round and round, January - December then once again time comes to close the circle all existence turns round and round.

Will it drive you mad or are you simply coming back upon the point in which you go mad? round and round.

There is no multi-verse just rings that intersect. Do you stay on the same ring? Or do you follow the path of the next one? Round and round you go 'till a new path comes. Do you keep going round or enter the new ring and go round and round there?

There is no improbable or impossible just the ring you are going round and round upon. Are you enlightened enough to find the next ring or will you go round about living the same ring over and over, round and round till you find the will to intersect with a new ring?

We are in all but also we are in one going round and round on our ring round and round

We all follow the laws that are specific to our own sphere of existence

As we go round and round if we come in contact with that which conflicts with our sphere we simply do not perceive it

There is no past or future only position on the ring in which we travel. Everything that has happened will happen and everything that will happen has happened, round and round.

When one comes to the realization of the spheres one must ask oneself what happens should one turn around and walk the other way? Does the ring on which you are following turn underneath you as you walk or does it turn you? Or does both the ring and oneself turn in turn as time comes back upon itself?

I can see among you some confusion as I speak of the rings and spheres. know that a sphere is the existence of oneself which can encompass many rings however with in ones existence one only walks a single ring at a time. Your laws and views are determined by this sphere in which you exist and anything outside of which one simply does not perceive. For one to transverse spheres requires great will and enlightenment and only when such a state is achieved does one truly understand the workings of this universe"

-Excerpt from a lecture given during the grand launch of the Citadel Jumpship
High Speaker Xypharius
March 20th, 3050

If you have decided to join this gathering than you have acknowledged the truth of your journey upon the Paths of O. We welcome you!

If you are just visiting please feel free to ask questions. It is our duty to enlighten others to the truths of O.
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